Baan Sustainable Living Center Phuket

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Step into a world of holistic education and sustainable living at BAAN, the visionary expansion of Montessori House Phuket International School. Join us as we pave the way for a brighter future!

BAAN embodies the principles of Montessori education, extending its transformative philosophy to encompass a broader spectrum of sustainable education, experiences, and living. Rooted in thoughtful construction and mindful development, our vision goes beyond education to enrich our local community as a value-added asset. We are dedicated to fostering harmony between human beings and nature, promoting interactive learning experiences that empower individuals.

Discover the beauty of BAAN, where permaculture becomes the catalyst for our endeavors. By integrating permaculture principles into our property, we aim to establish a natural relationship between humans and the environment. Through hands-on experiences, we empower individuals to cultivate food, meet their basic needs, and engage in meaningful, authentic situations. We also strive to showcase the best of traditional Thai culture and hospitality.

At BAAN, our mission is to create a holistic hub of education and a model of sustainable living within the fabric of modern Phuket. Our vision inspires, educates, and mobilizes people towards a compassionate life, nurturing their well-being and safeguarding our environment.

We lead by example, embracing closed-loop methods and systems, while curating thoughtful, inclusive, conscious, and effective programs for both children and adults. Our values are rooted in compassion, community, and service, fostering mutual understanding, respect, and altruistic collaboration among individuals of diverse backgrounds and beliefs.

Join us on our journey as we shape tomorrow’s vision. BAAN is an ever-evolving project, encompassing an array of exciting developments, including a Living Foods Cafe, an Eco Adventure Playground, Eco-accommodation huts, a Yoga & Wellness Shala, and a Workshop Shed. Experience our why, what, and how as we strive to create a sustainable, vibrant community!

At BAAN, we believe in the power of partnerships and collaboration. If you share our vision and values, we welcome you to join our community. With various functions and areas of development on-site, there are endless opportunities for like-minded individuals to make a meaningful impact. Reach out to our team and embark on a dialogue today!

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